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Membership Prices

Enjoy Membership Benefits at Thornhurst Park Golf Club

We have three types of membership available:

7 Day Membership

If you would like no restriction on when you would like to play, this is the membership for you. The 7 Day Membership gives you limitless free golf, 7 days a week!

5 Day Membership

If you prefer to avoid the busier periods at the golf club (typically the weekend) then the 5 Day Membership would be the choice for you. This membership entitles you to limitless free golf, Monday to Friday. If however you would like to play the occasional game at the weekend, you may do so but you will be charged £18.00 for green fees.

Junior Membership

Youngsters aged between 12 and 18 can join under our Junior membership package. Youngsters that are not members, but wish to accompany and play with a member of the golf club, may do so at the pay and play rate, with a discount of £2.00.

Membership Benefits

Membership at Thornhurst Park Golf Club attracts the following benefits:


Book In Advance

So that you can plan your relaxing game of golf, you will be able to book your slot up to 6 days in advance. If you have joined on a 5 Day Membership and would like to play at a weekend, you may book and do so but you will incurr a charge of £10.00 green fees.

Thornhurst Park Membership Fees

Our membership year commences on the 1st October every year. You are welcome to join up until the 28th of February of any membership year. After this time, membership applications will be reviewed on an individual basis as we wish to discourage 'summertime' memberships. In some cases we grant membership to individuals who are willing to commit to an additional full year's membership in addition to the remainder of the membership year in which they apply.

Member Fees

  Gentlemen Ladies
Month of Joining The Club Months 7 Day Golf Fees (£)* 5 Day Golf Fees (£)* 7 Day Golf Fees (£)* 5 Day Golf Fees (£)*
October 12 715.00 615.00 535.00 435.00
Junior membership fees for the those aged between 12 and 18 currently stand at £200.00 for a full membership year.

* Includes membership levy of £15.00 which covers membership costs of various unions and administration costs for the committee. This figure is reviewed on an annual basis so subject to change.

Prefer To Pay And Play?

Prefer To Pay And Play? If you would prefer to just Pay and Play at Thornhurst Park, our Green Fees are:-

Days Price
Monday to Friday £18.00
Weekends and Bank Holidays £21.00
You may book a slot a couple of days before you wish to play. In addition, if you arrive speculatively at the Park and a slot was available at that time, you will be permitted to play providing that you are adhering to our dress code.