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Civil Ceremonies

Civil Ceremonies in the Manor Suite at Thornhurst Manor

Thornhurst Manor is fully licensed for Civil Weddings.

Your ceremony can be performed in our Manor Suite on the first floor or our Restaurant on the ground floor should you require easy managable access for you or your guests. Our Civil Ceremonies are conducted by a Doncaster Registrar and it is advisable that you should check their availability in conjunction with your booking here at Thornhurst Manor.

In addition, we kindly request that couples book the Registrar direct as they will be able to explain all the information you need to know about the ceremony. They will also advise you of the fees payable to them, to perform this service. They will also complete the ‘Notice of Intention to Marry’ form for you on your behalf and display it publically, to meet the necessary legal requirements.

On the day of your ceremony, both the Registrar and the Superintendent Registrar will be in attendance and will ask to see the couple privately before the ceremony begins. This is to check all the necessary details.

Once your party is assembled and seated, the ceremony will begin with a few words of welcome from the Registrar before proceeding to the legalities.

You will require two witnesses for your ceremony and they will be asked to sign the register along with yourselves and the two Registrars. For legal purposes, your witnesses must be over the age of 16 and be able to understand the ceremony and proceedings.

Because a civil ceremony is a relatively short legal proceeding, many couples choose to personalise their day with additional readings and poetry, or even personalised vows and promises. Some couples like a piece of music or song to be played, that is sentimental to them both. However, please be aware that religious content or music is not permitted.

We’ve held many Civil Ceremonies here at Thornhurst Manor, so if you would like some ideas on how to make your day extra special, speak to Elle our Events & Wedding Co-Ordinator on 01302 337799 or email

For more information on Civil Ceremonies, please contact the Registrar on 01302 735222.